donderdag 10 januari 2013

Wat ons te wachten kan staan in Orval...


After riding from Chitina to Fairbanks in April 1914, Joe Schultz's 7-hp Harley-Davidson was billed as the "first power machine to make the trail in winter." Schultz equipped his bike with a runner to fit in one sled track, while his wheels ran in another. As seen at left, it wouldn't be the last time an Alaskan would attach skis to a motorcycle.

Probably the most epic motorcycle ride made in Alaska was that by Clyde "Slim" Williams and John Logan. In 1939, Slim, John and Slim's dog, Blizzard, set out to pioneer a route through Alaska and Canada for the future Alaska Highway. Slim is walking his motorcycle across some trees he just chopped down by hand.

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